Sunday, June 5, 2011

Henry Lee-Thomas: Complete Military Record

The complete military record of Henry Lee-Thomas can be viewed at the Australia National Archive website:  Here are the steps: > name search > record search > basic search > Henry Lee Thomas > from 1913 - 1918 > view digital copy.  I just did this a few minutes ago and there are 114 pages.  It seems that there are many duplicates. I did not go through all of the pages, but will when there is more time.

The Australia relative (M. Field) from my previous post reminded me of this.  Thanks!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad I could help with the army records.
I also love the photo of Henry, Maurice & Ruby. By contacting CS she has sent me photos of Ellen,George,& Their group photo as well as Arnold & wife & son. This now helps to fill in knowing what the family looked like. I sent her photos of Ruby & Family etc for Ronald. this photo would have been taken during the war. Valmai was not with them as she was on a mission however I have a separate photo of her. I also have several letters (some not complete) from Ruby sent around 1930-40's.If you wish you can contact CS she has my email address.
The photo of Ellen is good as it may give me an insight into what my great grandmother might have looked like.
M Field