Saturday, February 16, 2013

Two Year Anniversary

It has been two years now since this blog was first introduced.  There have been several thousand visitors which I would have not envisioned at the beginning.  It's true:  Google can find everything.  The best of all is a cousin from Australia who found the blog and who I now correspond with regularly.  She has sent me much information and is very willing to search Australia records for me.

The whole two years worth of postings have been just on one line, "Lee" which is my father's paternal line.  About the time I think all my information is posted, I come across something else or think of something.  It feels so good to have this information out there for all to use an enjoy.  Here is a summary of the past postings:  (not quite in order,but the people are in order)

*Thomas Henry Lee (Henry Lee-Thomas)
   Pedigree Chart
   Military Pictures, records, war memorial
   Birth, Death, Burial, Photos, Death Articles
   WWI photos
*Maurice Reginald Lee-Thomas
   Sailing to America
   Marriage & Death Records, Personal History
*John Lee & Sarah Ann Lever/Tysoe
   Family Group Record
   Birth Certificates
  Children Birth Records
*John Lee & Eliza Jones
   Family Group Record
   Marriage Certificate
   Children's Birth Records

An Apple "iPad" has now entered the scene so finding its full potential as it applies to Family History is high on the priority list.