Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Earlier this year at the Roots Tech Family History Conference, I took a class about making videos and posting to You Tube.  I had also purchased an I pad just before the conference.  This class sparked my interest in video making as a means to share Family History plus I had just purchased the "i movie" app.  I have posted my first attempt at a video.  It may be hard to believe it took me all summer to do this.  It wasn't so hard, but I had many interruptions plus had to figure it all out.

This first video is, "Noman's Lake, Western Australia.  It is a short story about the early settlers of Noman's Lake, specifically my great grandparents, John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever.  Here is the link:  (If the link doesn't work, just search on the title at You Tube).

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Two Year Anniversary

It has been two years now since this blog was first introduced.  There have been several thousand visitors which I would have not envisioned at the beginning.  It's true:  Google can find everything.  The best of all is a cousin from Australia who found the blog and who I now correspond with regularly.  She has sent me much information and is very willing to search Australia records for me.

The whole two years worth of postings have been just on one line, "Lee" which is my father's paternal line.  About the time I think all my information is posted, I come across something else or think of something.  It feels so good to have this information out there for all to use an enjoy.  Here is a summary of the past postings:  (not quite in order,but the people are in order)

*Thomas Henry Lee (Henry Lee-Thomas)
   Pedigree Chart
   Military Pictures, records, war memorial
   Birth, Death, Burial, Photos, Death Articles
   WWI photos
*Maurice Reginald Lee-Thomas
   Sailing to America
   Marriage & Death Records, Personal History
*John Lee & Sarah Ann Lever/Tysoe
   Family Group Record
   Birth Certificates
  Children Birth Records
*John Lee & Eliza Jones
   Family Group Record
   Marriage Certificate
   Children's Birth Records

An Apple "iPad" has now entered the scene so finding its full potential as it applies to Family History is high on the priority list.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

John Lee & Eliza Jones Children's Birth Records

After looking at the Family Group Record that I posted last week, (family group of John Lee & Eliza Jones) I notice that the first child listed is Margaret Ann Lee, born in 1833.  That doesn't exactly match up becasue the marriage date of John and Eliza is in 1837.  Also, as I look at the birth records of the John Lee/Eliza Jones that are in my possession, there is not a Margaret Ann among those records.  This appears to be a mistake and I apologize for posting it.  Please disregard Margaret Ann as a child in this family until I can look further into this.  The children of John & Eliza are:  Alice, Eliza, William, Hannah, John, James, Celia, and Hugh.  The links below are to their birth records.  I apologize for so many links, but my computer program is acting up and this is the best for the time being. (Alice) (Eliza) (William) (Hannah) (John) (Jamaes) (Celia) (Hugh)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The "LEE" Line, Next Generation

It's probably time to look a the Lee pedigree chart again and orient yourself to the next generation back on the Lee Line.  The previous few posts have been about John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever the parents of Thomas Henry Lee (Henry Lee-Thomas).  The next generation back is another John Lee  with Eliza Jones who are the father and mother of the previous John Lee.  I am posting their Family Group Record that shows them as husband and wife with their children.  I am also posting their marriage certificate.  The credit for all of these goes back to Ruby Ellen Thredgold, my grandmother and wife of Henry Lee-Thomas.  She did amazing things at gathering so much information in the days of mail via boats and limited funds to purchase copies of certificates.  She definately had her heart turned to her previous generations.  Here is the link to the family group sheet and marriage certificate.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Death Articles - Henry Lee-Thomas

Hello Again and Happy New Year and Resolutions!  Resolution #1:  More Family History!!!

A relataive from Australia sent me these articles which were publihsed in an Australian Newpaper, "Advertiser."  These were published at the time of the death of Henry Lee-Thomas.  They are worth taking a look at.  Here is the link:
I promise to get busy on my blog becasue I have much more to share on this and other family lines. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Months of Absence

It has been months since posting anything to my blog.  Although there is a good excuse (sold home, downsized and moved to a condo), I have missed posting and participating in the more important things of Family History.   I'm very much ready to get back to my Family History work and have had some nudging in the past couple of weeks.

First Nudge:  I was contacted by a second cousin in Australia who is related to me via Ruby Thredgold (wife of Henry Lee-Thomas) and Ruby's mother, Ellen Prewett Thredgold.  This is a cousin on the Prewett line.  I am very excited about this contact because this is a line in which I've previously not had any contact.  This lady has visited by blog and left many comments, but I did not know her email and how she was related until few days ago.  I so much appreciate hearing from her.

Second Nudge:  In the new area where I live, there is a very active group of the "Daughters of Utah Pioneers."  They have urged me to join with them and I plan to do that this Fall.  My mother (Florence Christensen) comes from Utah Pioneers and she was once a member of this group.  Perhaps I will learn some much needed things on this family from Denmark.

All I need to do now is help get our garage organized, hang a few pictures on the walls, and I should be good to settle in for the winter and get busy again.

Friday, March 23, 2012

John Lee & Sarah Lever: Family Group Record

Back in the Family History saddle, at least for this evening.  I thought this all would make more sense now if I attached a Family Group Record of John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever.  This lists their children and all of the birth certificates are in the two previous posts.  Remember that she gave her name as Sarah Tysoe when she married John Lee.  Her mother was apparently married twice and had Sarah from the previous marriage to George Lever.  This is the current thinking and, when I post certificates of her mother, Sarah Thornton, it will be more obvious why this conclusion has been drawn.  Here is the link to the Family Group Record: