Monday, March 21, 2011

Lee-Thomas, Henry: Birth, Military Death Record

"Thomas Henry Lee" is his name as it appears on his birth record.  The death military record gives his name as "Henry Lee-Thomas."  The Previously posted "Attestation Papers" listed his age when joining the militry as age "27".  Some where between his birth and joining the military, he changed his name.  The reason for this remains a mystery.  He was born in Majorca, Victoria, Australia.  His siblings were also all born in Victoria. This is more near Adelaide where his wife, Ruby Thredgold is from.   The Lee family moved to Western Australia.  The Attestation Papers he reports his birth as being in Western Australia.  This is inconsistent with his actual birth record.    However; there is a farm in Western Australia which I visited in 2008 which the family there reported as "Young Henry's Farm."  I don't know if he ever lived there or if the famiy was saving him a plot.  Here are more links to some of his records:  Birth:

 Military:  Shows service record and that he died in action.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lee-Thomas, Henry Military Attestation Papers & Funeral Program

The links below will take you to the "Australia Imperial Force of Persons Enlisted for Service Abroad": Attestation papers of Henry Lee-Thomas (Thomas Henry Lee).  There are four pages to this document.  Notice his signature on page 2 and a physical description of him on page 3.  Also, note on the first page that his name started to be written with the first name of  "Thomas" and that was crossed out and the name of "Henry Lee-Thomas" written instead. 

There is also a link to his funeral program which includes a picture.  He was a very handsome man.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


     The objective of this blog is to eventually post all of the pictures, documents, pedigree charts, that I have on the Lee, Thredgold, Christensen, and Hopson lines.  I want this information on the web so it can be enjoyed by all who are related or interested.  I think there are some choice tidbits and information in my possession.  As I make these posts, I will label pictures, etc. with one of the four lines mentioned on the left side bar. 
     Many of the pictures and documents I have were saved and inherited by me upon the death of my parents, Maurice & Florence (Christensen) Lee-Thomas.  Upon the death of my parents, these things were loaded to a wooden trunk and  kept there at my brother's home in California for over twenty years. 
     The Spirit of Elijah came upon me six or so years ago.  I traveled to my brother's home and brought the contents of the trunk to my home.  I have since been busy scanning, digitizing, and organizing these items.  It has been no easy task, but I am plugging away. 
     The experiences have been amazing as I've embarked on this undertaking.  I could write pages.  Some of these experiences will come out, I'm sure as I continue this blog.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lee Pedigree Chart/Family Group Sheet

THOMAS HENRY LEE  (this is the name on his birth certificate) b. 19 Mar 1888.  Some time between his birth and marriage to Ruby Thredgold, he changed his name to Henry Lee-Thomas.  Henry died in World War I.  Maurice Reginald lee-Thomas  was his only child.  
Henry Lee-Thomas is the  Father of:  Maurice Reginald Lee-Thomas (my father) b. 6 May 1913. 
Henry Lee-Thoma is the paternal grandfather of:  Mary Margaret Lee-Thomas
In the weeks ahead, I will be posting certificates, pictures, documents I have on this family. 

I am starting this pedigree with Thomas Henry Lee in order to keep my four grandparent's lines separate. 
Pedigree Chart beginning with Thomas Henry Lee can be viewed at the following link. (Left click on the link and a small box will appear below.  Click on that box to take you to the documents).  Feel free to copy or download any of these files.

Family Group Record of Thomas Henry Lee can be veiwed at the following link.