Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lee Pedigree Chart/Family Group Sheet

THOMAS HENRY LEE  (this is the name on his birth certificate) b. 19 Mar 1888.  Some time between his birth and marriage to Ruby Thredgold, he changed his name to Henry Lee-Thomas.  Henry died in World War I.  Maurice Reginald lee-Thomas  was his only child.  
Henry Lee-Thomas is the  Father of:  Maurice Reginald Lee-Thomas (my father) b. 6 May 1913. 
Henry Lee-Thoma is the paternal grandfather of:  Mary Margaret Lee-Thomas
In the weeks ahead, I will be posting certificates, pictures, documents I have on this family. 

I am starting this pedigree with Thomas Henry Lee in order to keep my four grandparent's lines separate. 
Pedigree Chart beginning with Thomas Henry Lee can be viewed at the following link. (Left click on the link and a small box will appear below.  Click on that box to take you to the documents).  Feel free to copy or download any of these files. 


Family Group Record of Thomas Henry Lee can be veiwed at the following link. 


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Yellow Grandma said...

Hello, love your blog. I loved the idea of adding a pedigree chart, etc. I am not so good with computers so how do you do a pedigree chart etc. and get it on your blog?
Thanks! Judy