Monday, March 21, 2011

Lee-Thomas, Henry: Birth, Military Death Record

"Thomas Henry Lee" is his name as it appears on his birth record.  The death military record gives his name as "Henry Lee-Thomas."  The Previously posted "Attestation Papers" listed his age when joining the militry as age "27".  Some where between his birth and joining the military, he changed his name.  The reason for this remains a mystery.  He was born in Majorca, Victoria, Australia.  His siblings were also all born in Victoria. This is more near Adelaide where his wife, Ruby Thredgold is from.   The Lee family moved to Western Australia.  The Attestation Papers he reports his birth as being in Western Australia.  This is inconsistent with his actual birth record.    However; there is a farm in Western Australia which I visited in 2008 which the family there reported as "Young Henry's Farm."  I don't know if he ever lived there or if the famiy was saving him a plot.  Here are more links to some of his records:  Birth:

 Military:  Shows service record and that he died in action.

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M Field said...

Do you have his full military records - there are about 141 pages many which seem to be duplicated. If not they are available on the National Archives of Australia site:
I got your website from Cindy Thredgold who I contacted this week via ancestry. I asked about Henry Lee-Thomas as I also have Lee's on another side of my family. He signed his army papers as Henry Lee-Thomas and also was married under that name with his father's name as John Lee-Thomas. Did you know he had a tatoo?
Ruby Thredgold and my grandfather were 1st cousins and they were related via the Prewett line - Ruby's mother Ellen and my grandfather's mother was Sarah Prewett - they were sisters. I have several letters written by Ruby to my grandparents.
Love the picture of Henry Lee-Thomas.
I also live in Western Australia.