Sunday, August 12, 2012

Months of Absence

It has been months since posting anything to my blog.  Although there is a good excuse (sold home, downsized and moved to a condo), I have missed posting and participating in the more important things of Family History.   I'm very much ready to get back to my Family History work and have had some nudging in the past couple of weeks.

First Nudge:  I was contacted by a second cousin in Australia who is related to me via Ruby Thredgold (wife of Henry Lee-Thomas) and Ruby's mother, Ellen Prewett Thredgold.  This is a cousin on the Prewett line.  I am very excited about this contact because this is a line in which I've previously not had any contact.  This lady has visited by blog and left many comments, but I did not know her email and how she was related until few days ago.  I so much appreciate hearing from her.

Second Nudge:  In the new area where I live, there is a very active group of the "Daughters of Utah Pioneers."  They have urged me to join with them and I plan to do that this Fall.  My mother (Florence Christensen) comes from Utah Pioneers and she was once a member of this group.  Perhaps I will learn some much needed things on this family from Denmark.

All I need to do now is help get our garage organized, hang a few pictures on the walls, and I should be good to settle in for the winter and get busy again.

Friday, March 23, 2012

John Lee & Sarah Lever: Family Group Record

Back in the Family History saddle, at least for this evening.  I thought this all would make more sense now if I attached a Family Group Record of John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever.  This lists their children and all of the birth certificates are in the two previous posts.  Remember that she gave her name as Sarah Tysoe when she married John Lee.  Her mother was apparently married twice and had Sarah from the previous marriage to George Lever.  This is the current thinking and, when I post certificates of her mother, Sarah Thornton, it will be more obvious why this conclusion has been drawn.  Here is the link to the Family Group Record:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Remaining Birth Certificates: Children of John Lee & Sarah Ann Lever

Sorry about the big delay in posting these remaining certificates.  Life is full of interruptions and there have been other things requiring my attention. 

I made a mistake on my previous post.  I stated that John and Sarah Ann had 12 children.  There were actually 11 children.  In this group of certificates that I am adding today, there is a death certificate of Madeline Lee.  I thought it was a birth certificate at first.    It is mingled in with the births so watch for it.  These are the remaining birth records of the children of John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever.  Here is the link to these records:

One of my Blog followers, added some information via a comment which I will share.  It is the death notice of Thomas Henry Lee that was published in Western Austraia. Notice that he was referred to as "Harry."  My grandmother Ruby referred to him as "Harry" much of the time. 

LEE - Killed in action somewhere in France, after three years active service in Galli[olli and France, Sgt. Harry Lee, beloved 5th son of John and Sarah Lee,Narrogin, loving brother of the late nurse Field, Mrs Hughie Murray, Mrs McAsh,Will, Syd, Maurice (East Narrogin), Hugh (Lake Grace) Leslie on active service, aged 30 years 9 months.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six children of John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever (Tysoe)

John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever (Tysoe)  had a a total of twelve children.  As a reminder, these are the parents of Thomas Henry Lee (Henry Lee-Thomas).  The first six brith records are posted here.  These children are the siblings of Thomas Henry Lee (Henry Lee-Thomas).  Grandma Ruby Thredgold (Henry's wife)  is the one responsible to these records.   I didn't want to post too much at once so the other six will be forthcoming.  Here is the link:

Roots Tech Conference 2012

The 2012 "Roots Tech" conference was just held in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 2, 3, and 4.  It was another marvelous experience.  It fries the brain, but gives new energy to the work of Family History.  Here I go again with more goals than time to accomplish.  The idea for this blog came about last year from this conference and has been much, much more successful and appreciated than I had envisioned.  It is feeling good to get my treasure chest in "The Cloud" for every one to see and use.    I have plans to start another blog to use as a research log (another idea gained from this year's conference).

One of the main topics for this year's conference was "Cloud Computing."  It seems as if everything is going in the direction of online server companies for data collections and programs. The software companies are busy getting their programs ready for online servers so we can have our data and everything else backed up in a place (cloud) which isn't subject to so much human error and mechanical mistakes.   This is the accepted direction in the computer world so us old folks just need to "get used to it."  I heard one person comment that maybe if we get everything in "the clouds", our ancestors can find it more easily and help us more.  Good thought!

Advantages:    Our online data can be easily synced to other computers with just a click. I have two computers and the data I select to be on both computers is automatically synced when saved to my cloud.  (My cloud company happens to be   The links on my blog posts are another example of this.  These links to pictures and documents are in the cloud (Dropbox) and are there for you with just a click.  There is nothing to send back and forth or to get lost on a CD of thumb drive.  I have recently shared many recent photos with my children via "the cloud".  I just put multiple pictures in a shared folder, share the folder with them, instantly they had the pictures.  This only took a few minutes to accomplish.  This is all amazing!!! Love it!!  If you want to learn more about "dropbox" look at "favorite websites" in the heading of this blog.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marriage of John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever Tysoe

Here's where the tricky part of this line comes along. (This could be a little more tricky than Thomas Henry Lee changing his name to Henry Lee-Thomas).   This concerns the marriage of Sarah Ann to John Lee.  The link here is to their marriage certificate. 

You will notice that the name for Sarah Ann is, "Sarah Ann Tysoe."  It appears that Sarah Ann's mother (Sarah Thornton) was married twice:  first to George Lever, and second to Joseph Tysoe.  Most of Sarah Thornton's children were born of the marriage to Joseph Tysoe.  Sarah Thornton had two children (Sarah Ann and Joseph) with George Lever and seven children with Joseph Tysoe.  There is no proof that Joseph Tysoe actually adopted Sarah Ann and Joseph, but Sarah Ann gives Tysoe as her name when she married John Lee.  This two marriage idea on Sarah Thornton is the consensus of the family (in Australia too) with the documents which we have currently.  This could all change if future different proof comes to light.  Anyone who would like to take this on?

In the future I will post many certificates from the John Lee/Sarah Ann Lever/Tysoe family and the Joseph Tysoe/Sarah Thornton family.  For now just enjoy this certificate, study the Lee pedigree chart so that you can follow this along.  Here is the link to the marriage certificate.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sarah Ann Lever; Birth Certificate (Mother of Thomas Henry Lee)

The following link is to the birth certificate of Sarah Ann Lever (mother of Thomas Henry Lee), and wife of John Lee. She was born as Sarah Ann Lever, daughter of George Lever and Sarah Thornton. Notice on the birth certificate that the parents were married "At Sea". Could be on the way to Australia???  Also, that there were two other children listed as living at the time of this birth. It is believed that George Lever had been married before and these children were his by a previous marriage.  I have no certificates to back this up.    There is also a link to a picture of Sarah Ann which she sent to her grandson, Maurice.  Also, there is a picture of John Lee and Sarah Ann.  The young man in the picture with John and Sarah is Clarence Leslie Lee.  He is the brother of Thomas Henry Lee and the father of Margaret Lee Haag (the relative from Australia who found Steve and I a few years back).  Here are the links.