Friday, March 2, 2012

Remaining Birth Certificates: Children of John Lee & Sarah Ann Lever

Sorry about the big delay in posting these remaining certificates.  Life is full of interruptions and there have been other things requiring my attention. 

I made a mistake on my previous post.  I stated that John and Sarah Ann had 12 children.  There were actually 11 children.  In this group of certificates that I am adding today, there is a death certificate of Madeline Lee.  I thought it was a birth certificate at first.    It is mingled in with the births so watch for it.  These are the remaining birth records of the children of John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever.  Here is the link to these records:

One of my Blog followers, added some information via a comment which I will share.  It is the death notice of Thomas Henry Lee that was published in Western Austraia. Notice that he was referred to as "Harry."  My grandmother Ruby referred to him as "Harry" much of the time. 

LEE - Killed in action somewhere in France, after three years active service in Galli[olli and France, Sgt. Harry Lee, beloved 5th son of John and Sarah Lee,Narrogin, loving brother of the late nurse Field, Mrs Hughie Murray, Mrs McAsh,Will, Syd, Maurice (East Narrogin), Hugh (Lake Grace) Leslie on active service, aged 30 years 9 months.

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