Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six children of John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever (Tysoe)

John Lee and Sarah Ann Lever (Tysoe)  had a a total of twelve children.  As a reminder, these are the parents of Thomas Henry Lee (Henry Lee-Thomas).  The first six brith records are posted here.  These children are the siblings of Thomas Henry Lee (Henry Lee-Thomas).  Grandma Ruby Thredgold (Henry's wife)  is the one responsible to these records.   I didn't want to post too much at once so the other six will be forthcoming.  Here is the link:


M Field said...

I don't know if you have this but this is the death notice for Henry Lee-Thomas from his Lee family.
LEE - Killed in action somewhere in France, after three years active service in Galli[olli and France, Sgt. Harry Lee, beloved 5th son of John and Sarah Lee,Narrogin, loving brother of the late nurse Field, Mrs Hughie Murray, Mrs McAsh,Will, Syd, Maurice (East Narrogin), Hugh (Lake Grace) Leslie on active service, aged 30 years 9 months.
M Field

MM said...

I did not have that death notice. Thank you for sharing.