Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roots Tech Conference 2012

The 2012 "Roots Tech" conference was just held in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 2, 3, and 4.  It was another marvelous experience.  It fries the brain, but gives new energy to the work of Family History.  Here I go again with more goals than time to accomplish.  The idea for this blog came about last year from this conference and has been much, much more successful and appreciated than I had envisioned.  It is feeling good to get my treasure chest in "The Cloud" for every one to see and use.    I have plans to start another blog to use as a research log (another idea gained from this year's conference).

One of the main topics for this year's conference was "Cloud Computing."  It seems as if everything is going in the direction of online server companies for data collections and programs. The software companies are busy getting their programs ready for online servers so we can have our data and everything else backed up in a place (cloud) which isn't subject to so much human error and mechanical mistakes.   This is the accepted direction in the computer world so us old folks just need to "get used to it."  I heard one person comment that maybe if we get everything in "the clouds", our ancestors can find it more easily and help us more.  Good thought!

Advantages:    Our online data can be easily synced to other computers with just a click. I have two computers and the data I select to be on both computers is automatically synced when saved to my cloud.  (My cloud company happens to be   The links on my blog posts are another example of this.  These links to pictures and documents are in the cloud (Dropbox) and are there for you with just a click.  There is nothing to send back and forth or to get lost on a CD of thumb drive.  I have recently shared many recent photos with my children via "the cloud".  I just put multiple pictures in a shared folder, share the folder with them, instantly they had the pictures.  This only took a few minutes to accomplish.  This is all amazing!!! Love it!!  If you want to learn more about "dropbox" look at "favorite websites" in the heading of this blog.

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