Sunday, August 12, 2012

Months of Absence

It has been months since posting anything to my blog.  Although there is a good excuse (sold home, downsized and moved to a condo), I have missed posting and participating in the more important things of Family History.   I'm very much ready to get back to my Family History work and have had some nudging in the past couple of weeks.

First Nudge:  I was contacted by a second cousin in Australia who is related to me via Ruby Thredgold (wife of Henry Lee-Thomas) and Ruby's mother, Ellen Prewett Thredgold.  This is a cousin on the Prewett line.  I am very excited about this contact because this is a line in which I've previously not had any contact.  This lady has visited by blog and left many comments, but I did not know her email and how she was related until few days ago.  I so much appreciate hearing from her.

Second Nudge:  In the new area where I live, there is a very active group of the "Daughters of Utah Pioneers."  They have urged me to join with them and I plan to do that this Fall.  My mother (Florence Christensen) comes from Utah Pioneers and she was once a member of this group.  Perhaps I will learn some much needed things on this family from Denmark.

All I need to do now is help get our garage organized, hang a few pictures on the walls, and I should be good to settle in for the winter and get busy again.