Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sarah Ann Lever; Birth Certificate (Mother of Thomas Henry Lee)

The following link is to the birth certificate of Sarah Ann Lever (mother of Thomas Henry Lee), and wife of John Lee. She was born as Sarah Ann Lever, daughter of George Lever and Sarah Thornton. Notice on the birth certificate that the parents were married "At Sea". Could be on the way to Australia???  Also, that there were two other children listed as living at the time of this birth. It is believed that George Lever had been married before and these children were his by a previous marriage.  I have no certificates to back this up.    There is also a link to a picture of Sarah Ann which she sent to her grandson, Maurice.  Also, there is a picture of John Lee and Sarah Ann.  The young man in the picture with John and Sarah is Clarence Leslie Lee.  He is the brother of Thomas Henry Lee and the father of Margaret Lee Haag (the relative from Australia who found Steve and I a few years back).  Here are the links.  

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M Field said...

Have also looked for a death of a George Lever after Sarah Ann Lever's birth and before marriage in 1856. The only one close is again a different spelling but again most records were not filled in by the informant and with different accents etc would have been written down as they thought it was or again it can be a transcription error due to the writing.
Death George Laver Father George Mother Emily Smee D.1855 Victoria Regn No163.