Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lee-Thomas, Henry Military Attestation Papers & Funeral Program

The links below will take you to the "Australia Imperial Force of Persons Enlisted for Service Abroad": Attestation papers of Henry Lee-Thomas (Thomas Henry Lee).  There are four pages to this document.  Notice his signature on page 2 and a physical description of him on page 3.  Also, note on the first page that his name started to be written with the first name of  "Thomas" and that was crossed out and the name of "Henry Lee-Thomas" written instead. 

There is also a link to his funeral program which includes a picture.  He was a very handsome man.


Small Family said...

Great job mom! I am so proud of your hard work.

Anonymous said...


Kim Stringfellow said...

I just figured out that I do have a google account from by blog page! Now I won't be annonymous!

marci said...

Aunt Margaret, I love this. I need the official story (short version is fine) why did he change his name?

Karen said...

Very cool! Good job mom!

Anonymous said...

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