Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maurice Lee-Thomas: Photos

Here are a four photos of Maurice.    Note the snow in the background on the two pictures which I believe to be either prior or soon after his marriage.  The picture was taken in Ogden, Utah at the home of Florence Christensen's parents (Andrew and Mary), 529 Seventh Street.  The picture by the old car was taken at the same place, but the snow is gone.  He looks to be close to the same age so probably taken in the mid 1930's.  The railroad picture is an unknown date.  I need to find out when he started working for the railroad and that will give a clue.  Hope everyone enjoys these pictures.  I have a few more to be forthcoming.  Here is the link:


Kim Stringfellow said...

I don't remember ever seeing these pictures! I love the one of him and Grandma.

Anonymous said...

If you contact Cindy I had emailed a photo of Maurice with his mother and most of his family except for Valmai and one of the twins. It would have been taken during the war. You may already have the photo.

M Field said...

Re Maurice working in the railroad he was working prior to 9.7.1944 as I have a letter written by Ruby saying that Maurice was working as a guard in the railroad and had been deferred from service during the war.