Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Thoughts on America

July 2, 2010 was the annual "Stadium of Fire" at the BYU football stadium.  It has been a family tradition now for the past 20 years to attend this annual event.  It is a very inspiring patriotic program and has become such a tradition that we may as well cancel Christmas as this summer event.  Each year during the fireworks display, the song from Neil Diamond, "Coming to America" is played.  That always brings tears to my eyes as I think about my ancestors who "traveled far" and suffered much hard ship to come to America.  It took much sacrifice for them to leave their families and everything familiar to come to a new land and life was not easy for them even after they arrived in America.  How grateful I am to all of them.  I love America and am comforted to know that our country has a divine destiny and that righteousness and America will prevail.

From Ruby Thredgold's journal I quote: "  It was a great undertaking to sell up everything and make preparations to move so many of us across the seas. . . .I could spend hours and many pages writing, telling of the sacrifice and hard work.  It was going to take a lot of money to get us across the huge basin of water.
After selling all we had , and nothing left to manage with, we lived our last six weeks in Australia."  They sailed on the U. S. Sierra.  "It was 11:00 am on the 1st day of November 1930 that we sailed out of the beautiful Sydney Harbor into the great Pacific Ocean.  We arrived in San Francisco on the 20th of November 1930."

You can listen to Neil Diamond's "Coming to America." on "youtube."

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Kim Stringfellow said...

I am so grateful too for all they did to come here to America. We are very blessed!