Sunday, August 28, 2011

Visit from Aussie "Rellies"

This past week my husband and I had a wonderful four day vacation with one of my Aussie second cousins on the Lee side of the family.  We had met my cousin and his wife when we were in Australia three years ago.  Years ago, one of the Australian's on the Lee side had been searching for my brother and I for many years.  She knew that our grandfather, who was killed in WWI, had a wife and son who immigrated to America. We were the only branch of the Lee's of which there was little known in Australia.   After much searching, she found us and started communication.  Over the years she passed away and her family history information fell into the hands of Alan.  He then reached me and we started communication concerning family history and getting acquainted via e-mail.  My husband and I had the privilege of meeting and staying with Alan and his wife Carol when we visited Australia.  Now they have paid us a visit for which I am very thankful.  We are working together to pull this history together.  I know that my father, Maurice and grandfather, Henry must have been thrilled at this opportunity Alan and I had to be together.  We're all "Rellies."

Alan and Carol with their American Family.

Margaret and my second cousin Alan at the grave of my father, Maurice.  

Carol and Alan at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

Ray and Margaret with Carol and Alan in Yellowstone. 

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Kim Stringfellow said...

I loved meeting Allen and Carol! I'm so glad we had the opportunity to finally meet them! I love the pictures.