Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maurice Lee-Thomas: More Photos

Once again life has interrupted blog posts.  We recently spent a week of relaxing in Kentucky where the opportunity presented itself for some pictures and Family History organizing.  Some more picture of Maurice were discovered which you all may be interested in. 

The first two pictures are of  Maurice with his two children when they were very young. The picture with the baby girl (me) would have been 1944.  The other picture with the boy (Steve) and girl (me) looks like about 1948.   Here's the link to those pictures:

The next group is three pictures.  The first is a picture of Maurice & Florence in front of their home at 511 Seventh Street in Ogden, Utah.  My best guess is the mid 1960's.  The second picture is Maurice & Florence in San Francisco in 1940.  The third picture is the prize winner:  Maurice, Florence, Steve, Mary M., Grandma Christensen in front of the Maddox Restaurant in Perry, Utah.  My best estimate would be 1953/4. 
Here they are:

These next ones are scans of two post cards that Maurice received when he was in Australia and his Aunt (Myrtle Thredgold Moore, sister of Ruby Thredgold) sent them to him from Ogden, Utah.  They were sent to Ada Street in Adelaide where Maurice was living at the time.  The date on these is 1915/16.  Here is this link:

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