Sunday, November 13, 2011

Henry Lee-Thomas: More Information

About the time I think it's time to move on to another family, I learn a bit more to share about the current people.  I had a response from my previous post telling me that the Australian War Memorial might be interested in the photos that Henry Lee-Thomas sent home from WW1.  I've been to that Web Site just now and they do have records of Henry and I went on to find a picture of the cemetery in Belgium where he is buried and some more war records.  The two web sites are:  Simply search on his name. (war memorial) (grave information)
I have sent an e-mail to the Australian War Memorial to see if they would like copies of the photo albums.  Amazing where this Family History journey takes you.

P.S.  One of my daughters asked me when I was going to post more of the tape recorded history of Maurice Lee-Thomas.  That which I have posted is all there is to that recording.  Sad, isn't it?  So now let's all get busy on keeping a journal or some record of our lives.


M Field said...

On one of the photos during WW1 there is a photo of a man with a wounded man on a Donkey.
It is possible this man with the Donkey was Simpson and is known through out Australia as Simpson and his donkey (you can google him). His story has for years been told at school.
Unfortunately he did not survive ,being killed about a month after commencing his work. There is even a statue of him.

M Field said...

Do you know why his mother is listed as Sarah Ann Lever but on the birth of Thomas Henry Lee in Victoria his parents are listed as John Lee and Sarah Ann Tysor (which is the maiden name). (Spellings vary back then).
On their marriage they are listed as John Lee and Sarah Ann Tysoe. Also Maurice also states her name as Tysoe in his recording. His siblings births are also listed as John Lee and Sarah Ann Tysoe. Unless her father died early and the mother remarried a Lever and the children took the step fathers name, as often happened back then. Would be the correct family as Henry had a brother Maurice and as this name is not so common it seems to point to the correct family.
As Henry on his army records as a bricklayer was he working for the Thredgolds, as I have found an article in a South Australian newspaper stating that Charles Thredgold - George Thredgold's father was a bootmaker and a brickmaker when he arrived on the Duchess of Northumberland and that all of Charles' children were involved in the brickmaking business at one time or another. The eldest son Thomas was still working at the business in 1926 at age 74 when the article was written. George Thredgold was in 1926 involved in the building business and was employed as a mason at Strathalbyn. In the article in 1926 all 8 surviving brothers met up together for the first time in about 50 years.
In a letter Ruby wrote in 1944 she mentions Maurice:
"My son Maurice is here , works in the railroad, he has recently been blessed with a daughter, married 11 years and this is the first child. They are sure happy"
My grandmother after my grandfathers death, then my mother kept several of Ruby's letters (not all complete some pages are missing) but in her letters she was very informative as to when people died and from what of which helped me with my research.
Thanks again for the information.