Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Australia War Memorial: Roll of Honor Project

I did contact the Australia War Memorial and heard back from a very nice man who wishes to have a photo of Corporal Henry Lee-Thomas to add to their Roll of Honor Project.  I sent him some examples of the photos in my possession and he wishes to have the family portrait of Henry, Ruby, and my dad. (It is in one of the earlier posts).   He says it is a beautiful portrait. The photo is in very good condition considering that it has to be near 95 years old.   It does have Henry in his uniform.  This is a great way to memorialize and honor Henry, Ruby, and Maurice.  The Australia project does have some guidelines for me to follow in scanning the pictures and they must be sent to them on a DVD.  It may take a few weeks before this picture actually appears in their collection.  I will let you all know when it is there.

Yes, it is very interesting where this Family History journal takes you.  I would have never thought that I would be contributing to such a collection.  I wonder what lies ahead???  I need to get busy so that some more of the photos and documents I have can be shared with all of you great family and other interested persons.


Kim Stringfellow said...

Cool!! I know Great-Grandpa served in WWI, but interesting that you posted this on the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor!

Becca said...

This is all so exciting to get their stories down! Can't wait to find out more.

Karen said...

Cool! You are doing an awesome job!