Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thomas Henry Lee Photo

A real "treasure" is what I would say about this photo.  This is Thomas Henry Lee (known as Henry Lee-Thomas at the time of this photo) with his wife Ruby Ellen Thredgold.  The youngster in the middle of the picture is Maurice Reginald Lee-Thomas.  Maurice is my father and the only child of Henry.  A military uniform is on Henry so this could has been taken before he left with the Australian Army or possibly he was home on a leave.    A framed copy of this is in my office where I see it each time I go there.  I'm not sure if my copy is the original, but it is in the frame that I inherited from Maurice.


Nancy said...

What a handsome photograph this is. A treasure for sure!

I just discovered your blog and think it is wonderful. I enjoy the layout, the fonts you've chosen, and I especially like your "i believe" button! I'm following and looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Kim Stringfellow said...

I love this picture mom. I always remember looking at it at Poppy and Grandma's and now at your house!

Stefanie Eskander said...

I took the liberty and downloaded this photo and did a very basic restoration on it. It is such a beautiful photo, I couldn't resist. I'd love to get it to you, but need an email address. Please go to my blog, where you will find me & my email address. (And you'll find out who I am!)